About VVPC


Ahatanhel Krymskyi Volodymyr-Volynskyi Pedagogical Applied College of the Volyn Regional Council.

The abbreviated version is VVPC




VVPC is located in northwestern Ukraine, about 12 kilometers from the border with Poland.



Founded in 1939, the College is one of the oldest education institutions in Volyn region. Throughout the entire period of its existence, the institution has been training specialists in the pedagogical and humanities fields. The College building is an architectural monument of the early twentieth century. Until 1939, the Polish gymnasium named after Nicolaus Copernicus was located here. Over the years, more than 16,000 specialists graduated from the College.



  • to train competitive specialists for educational institutions, state and municipal establishments that can respond to the current and future needs of the society;
  • to encourage its students to achieve their potential and to prepare its graduates for career and/or academic advancement;
  • commitment to formation of students’ civic orientations based on the values of the Ukrainian people.



Education institution of the European type that conducts its academic activities in the sphere of higher / professional pre-higher / field specific secondary education of Ukraine.



The College is a communal educational institution of the Volyn Regional Council that awards the undergraduate degree of Junior Bachelor in accordance with the licensed specialities:

014 Secondary Education (014.12 Fine Arts)

012 Pre-school Education

013 Primary Education

014 Secondary Education (014.10 Labor training and technology)

029 Office Administration

015 Professional Education (015.39 Digital technologies)

023 Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration

Nowadays about 1,000 students are being trained to become Fine Arts teachers, pre- school teachers, primary school teachers, teachers of Handicraft and Technology, administrative assistants, teachers of professional training, artists and designers, restorers of artistic paintings according to the following educational and professional programmes:

  • Secondary education (Fine Arts)
  • Pre-school education
  • Primary education. School event planner
  • Primary education. Foreign language in primary school
  • Secondary education (Labor training and technology)
  • Office Administration
  • Professional education (Digital technologies)
  • Fine Arts

There are a number of elective specializations that expand the scope of professional rights of graduates: head of the club “Artist and Designer” / decorative and applied arts studio; head of pre-school English club / Fine Arts club; teacher of English / German in primary school; school event planner; teacher of Information Technology in primary school; network and computer systems administrator; public relations manager.



The dedicated staff of VVPC take a personal interest in each student’s success. Among 110 lecturers there are 8 PhDs, 2 Assistant Professors, 2 Folk Masters, 1 Master of Sports.



The College is located in the town of Volodymyr-Volynskyi and is based on several buildings, all next to each other. The buildings are properly equipped with the facilities that enable students to enjoy a successful academic and social life. The campus comprises of a principal building with classrooms, computer labs and administrative offices, a student dormitory, a library, workshops, a music building, a cafeteria, gymnasiums and a sports ground.



  • history, traditions, positive image of the institution;
  • reputable lecturers;
  • accredited programs of study that respond to the current needs of the society;
  • over 70 per cent of students are trained without tuition with funding from the regional budget;
  • effective system of students’ academic and professional adaptation;
  • practical approach to training specialists;
  • students’ extracurricular activities throughout the whole course of education;
  • affordable tuition.



The College maintains cooperation agreements with a large number of Ukrainian universities. These collaborations enable our students to be accepted in the 3rd year of Bachelor Degree Programmes. U.S. Peace Corps volunteers are involved to enhance the level of the English language proficiency.



Staff members and students are active participants of various cultural events that take place in Volodymyr-Volynskyi and beyond its boundaries. The College takes pride in the folk ensemble “Rozmai”, dance group “Youth”, studio of Easter egg painting, museums of fine and decorative arts that enjoy public recognition.



Ahatanhel Krymskyi Volodymyr-Volynskyi Pedagogical Applied College of the Volyn Regional Council, 42 Ustyluzka St., Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Volyn region, Ukraine, +380334235555, +380334223370, [email protected], www.vvpc.com.ua.